Thursday, April 21, 2016

Artistic elements in bonsai, the Focal point

Focal points are wonderful tools. They grab the attention of the viewer. In trees focal points for the most part are in Mr. Ryan Neil’s words special features. Special features are those parts of a tree that you want to highlight. Some trees have amazing flowers. Special features can be jin and shari. Also, fruits and leaves can be special features. Focal points can be the nebari (roots on the soil surface), or the way the trunk twists. Think to yourself what is the most interesting part of the tree?

Since your focal point grabs attention quickly it carries a lot of weight. On a post about balance I will touch on focal point in the overall picture. Cheers.

the rock is an amazing focal point
All that Shari brings the eyes right to the trunk
You can't help looking at the tick twisted part of the trunk
ficus microcarpa
The aerial roots are a good focal points

Is there a focal point here?

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