Olive care sheet

Olive Care Sheet

Olives have been cultivated for thousands of years. Olives are chosen for bonsai because of the small leaves, rough bark, and dead wood. With proper care, these trees grow very fast.

Soil: Well-draining soil is a must. Olive trees can grow on loam and clay. I like coarse sand mixed with lava rock and pumice. I mix a small amount of organic for water retention as I live in southern California. If you get consistent rain forgo the organic matter.

Watering: Make sure that the soil drys a bit before watering again. Never let the soil dry all the way. The depth of the pot and the soil composition will affect how you water. Deeper pots and organic matter retain water longer.  

Sunlight: Full Sun. These trees love lots of sunshine. A southern facing area is ideal but not necessary.

Fertilize: I fertilize these trees every week at the recommended full strength dosage. Here in southern California, I feed through October. However, in Colder Climates stop feeding at the end of summer. You do not want to freeze off any new growth.

Note: Olives tolerate salty sea breezes.    

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