This is why you should make bonsai

Do you love plants? I am not talking about a passing passion for plants. Do you sometimes do things which friends and family think are weird or dare I say crazy? Do you love to watch things grow? Do you have the patience to nurture and shape something for years?

Bonsai is a manifestation of the combination of many skills, arts, and ideas. It is very challenging and requires a great deal of patience. You need to be able to delay gratification.

Why do I make Bonsai? Making bonsai fills me with joy. I invest a lot of times on my plants. I grow some from seeds even. I see these seedlings and I imagine what they will look like after many years of refinement. I see the seedlings grow. They make leaves and branches. I guide and cox said branches into what will be the foundation to a good looking tree.

Bonsai is not easy. I have killed my share of trees. I had to learn about watering. I made my soil through trial and error. Sometimes the soil did not hold enough water during a heat wave. Sometimes I chopped off to much of the root, or to much of the branches. It has been a learning experience.

It takes patience. When I was starting out I wanted to put the undeveloped trees in a ceramic pot right away. Then I expected the tree to keep growing at its normal pace. That was not going to happen. I had to learn that if i wanted a large trunk I could not rush a tree. A tree can only grow as fast as it does.  

I learned more about who I am. By developing Bonsai I developed myself. I had to develop specific knowledge and skills. I also, had to develop internally. I would get very frustrated when I lost trees. I wanted to rush everything. I came to realize that to get the very best out of a tree you had to let it do what it does. Some things are out of our control. Even if the outcome is disagreeable we do not have to waste our time and energy kicking against a brick wall. We have to find better solutions and recognize that some things we can not change.

You can make bonsai Too.