Bonsai-misadvetures an introduction

Bonsai-misadventures is named in homage of Walter Pall's blog.

I started this blog to cover the gaps of information out there. Will I cover all of them? Of course not, don't be ridiculous. I love the idea of tradition, but believe not all tradition is correct. That puts me at odds with bonsai philosophy sometimes. I prefer naturalistic bonsai although i see nothing wrong with traditional japanese forms.

I am a novice at bonsai. I started my first tree january 2015. Its dead. Many trees are dead. However, Many more trees have survived and more are surviving now. Its rare for me to kill a tree now.

I learned from books, youtube and the internet in general. My biggest questions were about where to start on a bonsai and how aesthetics are applied to bonsai to make an attractive tree. Now i am seeking technical skills in plant care and management.

People who I admire in bonsai are Walter Pall. he says what he thinks. He has a clear vision of where he is taking bonsai. Also, Ryan Neil. He studied horticulture and bonsai. He is japanese trained but is an american artist. Was I a younger man I would apprentice with him.

I have a family and live in bright sunny California. I live in Inglewood of the Rams fame. My neighbourhood is working class. You do see ruffians, but over the next few years things will change but stay the same.

I love bonsai. Bonsai is a challenge. To manipulate a living thing, and make it thrive is astonishing. It takes many qualities to make bonsai. You need patience, love (yes, love), vision, appreciation, you need to evolve, humility enough to grow and learn, some times you need artistry.

Well that's it for this page. I hope this tells you who I am and why I do this. Cheers.