Monday, March 7, 2016

Bonsai pots, Master pieces in their own right

A great looking bonsai is very satisfying. A great looking bonsai pot is very gratifying. I believe that if i was bad at keeping plants alive I would focus my whole time on collecting these beautiful ceramics. Bonsai pots come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They can be mass produced, made one of a kind, and something in the middle. Pots can are made all over the world. Most are made in china. Many are made in japan. At a bonsai show The Artisans Cup last year a bonsai was planted in an old Kirby Vacum cleaner Regarding pots Neil Ryan said something like your tree should be balanced on its own without the pot. I guess what that means is that the pot should not be a crutch used to achieve balance.

The following pots are all for shohin size bonsai which means they can rest on your hand.
This pot is unglazed and it has reddish brown specks. I would love to see a crabapple in this pot. The white flowers with reddish centers would look great in it.

If you ask people they will probably tell you a great many number of rules about choosing the right pot. If you are confident you can choose whatever pot you want for your trees. You won't care what people think. However, if you want some tips I have them. Use artistic principles, color, line, movement, etc. do you want to emphasise your trees flowers, fruit, leaves? Use a pot that has a complimentary color. You might have orange fruit, use a blue pot. You may have a tall tree, use a shallow pot to emphasize the tall tree. The one rule that i personally believe i must follow is  that some cascading bonsai need tall pots.

In the end it all comes down to what you like. After all you are growing bonsai for your own personal joy and satisfaction.

What type of tree would you put in this pot?

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures, cheers.

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