Thursday, January 28, 2016


  One of the great advantages of rosemary is the small leaf size. It also can have a great green color and silvery accents. Some people myself included find the aroma of the essential oil very pleasing. I saw this tree at the local box store. I think i paid around $8.00 U.S. for it. it was tall and had many twisting branches. What I really liked about this tree was its trunk. The trunk looked braided, and it had bark that looked like it was peeling. It had a branch on the side that I was not sure if I was going to keep. I decided to keep it.

Close up
           The look I’m going for is of a gnarly old oak. Here in California we have a lot of live oak. The old trees have huge branches that touch the ground and then come back up. I am going to give it a domed top and have the branches go down then back up.

Planned silhouette
     I potted the rosemary in mostly volcanic rock and Turface. I would say 70 inorganic and 30 organic. Organic materials retain water. Since I didn’t add that much organic material the soil dries out quickly. To compensate for the lack of organic material I added a layer of moss. This will slow evaporation a little bit.

Back or future front?

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