Friday, January 29, 2016

Siberian crabapple

     Stratifying some Malus baccata aka siberian crabapple seeds. they were 40 days into a 90 day stratification when I noticed that some of the seeds had sprouted. I took these seeds out and planted them.
Malus baccata next to scissors
     One week after planting the germinated seeds I saw this. Here in Inglewood the winters and summers are very mild. It rarely dips below 40 degrees fahrenheit.
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     This is a close up
Close up
     It's amazing to see how much these seedlings have grown. When they get about 4 to 6 inches I will cut the tap roots and plant them in individual containers.
Two weeks after planting
Close up

Update june 24:

Five months later and the crabapples are looking gteat. Growth was slow at first. A little fertilizer and they pepped up.

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