Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bonsai greetings from the south bay

Greetings from Inglewood California. I love bonsai. I read, dream, smell, and sweat bonsai. A year ago a woman at work gave me a small Procumbens nana juniper and I was hooked. My plant collection has exploded. My pot collection has grown I have learned much through looking for information, and even more through making mistakes.
    One thing I have noticed about people in bonsai is that they are passionate. This leads to much argument and controversy. I hope that my blog can remain light hearted and a fun read. I am going to log my misadventures this year. I am applying to school to continue my studies in horticulture as i hope to own a nursery one day.

chinese banyan bonsai
Ficus Microcarpa

Ficus Microcarpa top view
     This is one of my most developed trees. As you can see it is not very refined. This ficus was growing as an epiphyte in the crotch of a multi trunked Italian pine. I can not guess its age, but it has scar marks from when the grounds keepers hacked it back. I cut the base of the trunk to remove it from the pine. I placed it half way in bark used for orchid soil and watered it when the top was dry. It has many roots now and I am expecting lots of growth this year.

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