Friday, March 3, 2017

Bonsaiathon at the Huntington Library

Do you like bonsai shows? What if it was at an arboretum? I went to a bonsaiathon at the Huntington Library and let me tell you, It was awesome. We saw trees, pots, rocks. They had demonstrations and booths. It was truly a bonsai lovers paradise.

My favorite bonsai was this California coast live oak Quercus Agrifolia. It had tender new growth. Its trunk was amazing. It was gnarled thick with scars just like a coastal live oak should look like.

quercus agrifolia bonsai

This vendor had a great many incredible pots for sale. He had many shapes, sizes, color, and prices. I was very tempted to purchase some wares.

These pots were going to be auctioned off.

This cascading California juniper Juniperus californica was another favorite. It had two of my favorite things. It was a cascading bonsai and it was a California juniper.

kengai juniperus californica

They had so many types and style of bonsai.

I wanted to go to the demonstrations. They were done by Cesareo Perez, Frank Goya, Fred Miyahara, Kathy Benson, Albert Rivera & Tom Vuong. The problem was that the demonstrations time conflicted with the sale times. Let me tell you, They had trees from $1.00 to $50.00. These $1.00 trees were not dainty little cuttings. They had 2 foot shimpaku juniper. Semi shaped cotoneaster and wild olive trees. There was a very long line to get in the sales are. The tension was definitely palpable. I was in the second group to go in. I picked up 4 shimpaku and 2 olive trees. Total $6.00. I thought about buying more, but 6 trees was more than enough.

These are my first shimpaku ever. I am very excited to work on it. I gave one to my daughter. She wants to make a windswept juniper.

The trees I bought:

I went with my family. We all enjoyed it very much. Cheers.

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