Friday, December 2, 2016

Rosemary bush year end bonsai

bonsai christmas tree

Hello my fellow bonsaiphiles. This is the year end of an experiment that I have conducted with you.  I want to thank you for your comments and emails. I want to thank those who have posted on my blog (Luke, i'm still waiting). This Blog has been therapeutic for me. I have chosen this rosemary disguised as a christmas tree. I understand that people who celebrate christmas around the world are in the minority. However, This is the time when most christian feel an even more overwhelming desire for brotherly love toward all people. That is why I chose this tree at this moment.

Anywho, this rosemari I bought at one of my favorite nurseries. I t was a 2 ½ foot bush. Originally the tree had been growing like this:

Of course it did not have this shape. It was growing up, not to the side. I noticed the twin trunks. At first I was not sure if it would make suitable material. Every Time I looked at it it made me more and more excited.

At first, I tilted the pot and gave it its general outline.Then when it started to grow again I potted it in its current pot. A big problem I had was that all the roots where now on one side of the tree. It looked very awkward.

A few months later after roots had grown along all the soil I removed the tree and sawed off all the roots directly to the left of the trunk line (where the trunk meets the soil). Now I could place the tree in a better spot in the pot.

I spent seven months to get it to this point. It cost $8.00 U.S. and the pot is a used chinese one that I spent $5.00 U.S. on.

When I first started bonsai I had so much trouble seeing a possible bonsai in a bush. I didn't let that stop me though. I made lots of mistakes but I pressed forward. Am I a master? Heck no! I am having fun and learning. Maybe i'll tackle some pine trees next year?!?!?!? Cheers.

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